Friday, September 11, 2015



Stariana W.

            How many times do we stop a day to count our blessings? Or how many times do we even stop to think how blessed we are? In our world we are often too busy to do this. But how long does it really take to consider them? Just to stop and praise God for our good fortune takes a minute. But do we have a minute? Or if we do, do we take that time?

            “Someone is praying for the blessings we take for granted.” –Unknown. When I read this quote, it hit me hard. I had never thought about that. But as I got to thinking about it more, I realized this is so true. I began thinking about blessings that I had that some people don’t have and how I complain about them, never stopping to think about how I would feel without them. I admitted to myself, much as I hated too, that I had been completely and totally selfish.

            An example would be my hair. I have waist-length curly, wavy hair.  And for those that have curly hair, you know it often becomes frizzy and messy in the humid weather.  I’m a neat freak about my hair. I like it flawless. And with curly hair in humid weather that is often very difficult. I complain a lot about it and often wish for straight hair. But what if I didn’t have hair? How would I feel then? I should be grateful for what I have, not what I would rather have.

            Gratitude is an important part of our blessing also. God likes us to be grateful. Without gratitude we soon become spoiled and want things we can’t or shouldn’t have.  It’s human nature to want things and not be grateful, but gratitude is a very important part of our life. Why? Because without it, we no longer appreciate what we have, we just want more.

            In conclusion, we should stop and consider our blessings and thank God, every day for them.  We should always keep in mind that people around the world are praying for what we take for granted.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

I Thessalonians 5:19 (KJV)


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