Friday, May 8, 2015

Hannah: A Godly Mother

Hannah: A Godly Mother

Stariana W.
When we think of Samuel, we think of a prophet, of a godly man, or of God's speaking to him. The first thing to come to mind is rarely his mother, Hannah.
            Hannah couldn't have any kids. The other wife of her husband mocked her because of it. One year, Hannah was mocked so much she couldn't stand it. She went to the temple and cried to God. She begged Him to give her a son, and, when he was old enough, she would give him to serve God all of his life.
            God heard her prayers.
            Hannah had a son and called him Samuel, meaning 'asked of God.'  But she didn't forget her promise. When Samuel was old enough, she took him to the priest, Eli.
            Now, what makes Hannah such a good example of a mother? She gave her child away, didn't she?
            Hannah was a godly mother because she believed in God and made a vow to Him. Even though it must have hurt her to give her child away, she honored her promise. She never forgot Samuel though. She made him coats every year and gave them to her child.  Because she honored her vow, God gave her more children.
            We can learn from Hannah. If we honor our promises to God, God will bless us in return.


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