Friday, May 8, 2015



By Emily M.
I know how the title sounds but I am in no way referring to the mother of a cat. You see I am taking care of this kitty that we have fondly nicknamed fluffy and she is the cutest thing I ever saw. I am accused of thinking about that of every cat. Now fluffy has no one to teach her how to be a cat so I was and I am giving it a try. However it has ended up in some hilarious moments. Now the other day I woke up and found a lizard lazily floating in my kitchen sink in the middle of my unwashed dishes.
After looking unsuccessfully for a weapon of lizard mass destruction and failing I suddenly had a light bulb moment.  Mainly it's because fluffy does not mew so she sits there looking at me with cat eyes so I can give her food. And i told myself that fluffy was a cat right and cats eat lizards....right...well this mommy was going to teach a kitty to catch food.
So after a screaming moment of lizard tail coming off I caught the Lizard and put it on the floor for fluffy to catch. In fact, I went to the point of pointing her in the right direction....
Now like all those mothers out there I was waiting for that moment of achievement where she caught her food. Instead fluffy looked at the Lizard and liked it a d let it go. Not once but does it Lick food and let it go....
I thank God for mothers out there. As much as we have our great moments we also have those moments when we don't always get it right. Sometimes we will say something, do something even think something that does not work for our kids. But I would like all kids to know in spite of all this, we still love them. The Bible says they are our quiver full of arrows and that someday they will rise up and call us blessed. This Mother's day kindly rise up and not only call your mama blessed but be a blessing. I am still trying to get past licking food stage and I know just like with my two kids, me n fluffy are going to get somewhere.  Happy mother's day!


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