Friday, May 8, 2015

All About...Mother's Day

All About...Mother's Day

By Maryann Y
Mothers Day coming up, cards being sold out, we'll talk about why we do this.
     Mothers Day is a great holiday for carrying out the 5th commandment: Honoring your parents. Mothers are a great gifts from God given to you to help guide
 you through the most shaping and dangerous days/months/years of our lives.  There have been times when I thought my mom was dead wrong,
 and I look back now, and she was totally right.
     I'm not saying moms are perfect, but all moms are the best anyone could ever have. God chose them to be your mom for a purpose. 
That purpose may not always be clear; or you may not even know what that is, but your Heavenly Father knows it.
     Now go and buy one of those cards to honor your mom. And if you can't, just make a homemade one; it's worth the effort!


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