Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Testimony - Kaitlyn F.

I grew up in a Christian home all my life.  Around the end of elementary school, and the beginning of middle school, my faith wasn’t as strong as it should have been. Most of my friends had betrayed me, and around 7th grade I started to watch videos that I knew my parents didn’t want me watching.  My self-esteem was really low but I kept acting like everything was okay. At the beginning of 11th grade, God took every comfort I had and stripped it from me. I started from square one during my mission trip to Panama. That week, I got a renewed passion for God, and I slowly started to see myself as a beautiful girl who could do anything she wanted. All the lies that I was told all through middle school, started to melt away when I chose to believe what God tells me. This whole year has just been a year of growth for me. I have gained so much confidence in myself, and I started to mend broken relations and I made new friends. Most of all, my love, my trust, my faith in God has grown the most. God will break us, but we will come back stronger then we were before because we stopped relying on what we can do, and we start relying on what God can do. And as I have found out, God can do a lo more then I could every imagine doing on my own.


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