Friday, December 11, 2015

Seek Christ

Seek Christ

Joy W.
If the duty of Christ was to come and liberate me from oppression, sorrow, fear and from the shackles of sin (Romans 5: 9): (and what is the shackle of sin? Anything that comes between God and me) and rather makes me stand upright with God, why will he instigate suffering on us in our Christian walk as we are made to believe? 
If all good things around us is sent from heaven above as the psalmist sing, what makes you think he will send the bad ones to you his child. The bible does speak of God in relation to these but not with you. He says “I know the plans I have for you…” you can continue that.   
Yes the Christian walk is not rosy, it has thorns, slippery path; we must submit ourselves to learning from these (Romans 5: 3 & 4) and that’s what God want from us, so that we become better people, to encourage others in this Life. 
Many times when we are afflicted, in trouble, hardships, oppression, when things seem crumpling down on us we tend to look for solutions to them. Crying on God and the questions we tend to ask “why me? What do I do? I want to tell you something today. When all hope is lost, you don’t know what to do, in your misery don’t find solutions, look for the man himself Look for Christ
If you have him, you have everything.


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