Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Story of Wise Lips

The Story of Wise Lips

By Emily M.
Once upon time in a little village by the banks of Chania river lived a little boy. This little boy was called Mwangi and he lived in a little tin house with his mother. You see, Mwangi loved to talk about everything to his friends and neighbors  until nothing could be done in their house and the neighbors were not told about it. One day the mother decided that enough was enough. Taking a stick to beat the boy would not work as it had failed on one too many occasions.

I know it is cruel to play a trick on a child but mama had to be wise otherwise the sayings of the wise “one who is not taught by the mother will be taught by the world”. Mama Mwangi had seen enough times this happening to her neighbors to want her son to be part of an old saying.

So one morning very early in the morning mother woke up and prepared herself to go the market. it was such a rare occasion to see mother go to the market that everyone in the house knew this must be a very special occasion. The last time this had happened there was a feast in the house and relatives from distant ridges had come to visit. So as was usual for Mwangi, he left the house in a hurry and started informing all the neighbor hood children and soon there was a little crowd of eager children waiting for whatever feast Mwangi’s mother would bring home. Morning turned into noon, noon turned into evening and just as the sun was setting Mwangi’s mother appeared in the horizon with a few friends of hers and no feast.

Mwangi was so disappointed and so embarrassed that he never talked about things so freely ever again.


The bible cautions us against too much speaking. Proverbs 10:19  says, “He who holds his tongue is wise.” To “hold tongue” means to be quiet. Why would God say to hold you tongue?” Because every time you speak, it is possible you will say something untrue, unkind or unimportant. Also, when you talk so much, people may stop listening. Ecclesiastes 5:2 says ,” let your words be few”

In conclusion, Psalm 141:3 says “ Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord”. It should a daily prayer upon our lives.


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