Friday, February 20, 2015

Charity is not Enough

Charity is not Enough

By Joy W.
In Mathew 25: 31- 45, Jesus talks about helping one another. Being there for one another. Inasmuch as you did for one of these little ones you did unto me, part of verse 40.

We have shown the many kindness expected of us at times to people, as individuals, as Christians in one way or the other. And that is good. But the question is ‘who do we show kindness to, or to whom do our good deeds go to? It matters. The world is now turning into something else. Today, kindness has taken a different level because we are critical about who it goes to. We are much more critical about who it goes to. We much critical about how it’s going to be returned and so we are mindful of those who will return our kindness when we also find ourselves in a fix.

When I was in Sunday school, I remember we were taught that when we are giving or rendering service, we should not expect rewards in return, we should not expect to be paid back. As a child that’s what guided me and its good. We were told that if we expect something in return we had already taken our rewards on earth and there will be nothing else for us in heaven. This was good because it taught us to do good unconditionally and be willing to freely give and help because the bible even states that there is more blessing in giving than receiving. And to a little child a ‘God bless you’ was the best thing he or she could receive for service rendered especially when it’s coming from an elderly person or a less privileged person or even a friend.

In Luke 14: 12- 14, Jesus admonishes us on who to show our kindness to. And I tell you some people do not deserve or even need our kindness. Who do you show kindness to? Do not draw attention to yourself through your good deeds. Col. 3: 17a. And whatever you do, or say do it as a representative of the lord Jesus… . The bible mentions that do not let your left hand see what the right hand does.

In fact charity is no longer enough because it only reinforce unjust structures and demeans the poor. Let’s stand up for justice where it’s needed so that the world becomes a better place for us to live in. we all deserve the same opportunities. Where justice in the society is depriving others from having what they deserve too. Let’s strive to help let justice prevail so that these people may forever enjoy if not the best what rightfully belongs to them too.

Poverty they say is a disease but when you have the cure of riches let it benefit others who are sick of it. Open your hands so that the cure will heal others. It is not always about the money or materials, sometimes people may just even be needing a shoulder to lean on, a moth piece for them and a heart to understand and accept them for who they are.

Let the world see Jesus in your Eyes...



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