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Devoted to Prayer

Devoted to Prayer

By TreAnna B.

Being a Christian, prayer is an essential part of our daily lives, or at least it should be.
Colossians 4:2 says that we should “devote ourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Let's
face it though, easier said than done, right?
I pray each night before bed. Being brought up in a Christian family, that's what I was taught to
do. Essentially it became a habit for me. I would pray a short prayer and that was enough to keep the
guilt at bay. But that isn't what the verse in Colossians is referring to. The first time I realized this I was
probably 14 or so. That's when I realized that praying to God was the same thing as talking to God.
Really that's what God wants is to have a deep, meaningful relationship with each of His children.
Now, I'm trying very hard not to make this into one of those cliché articles you read (and I know
we've all read them) that says something like: Okay you should pray. Praying is good. This is what the
Bible says. End.
No. I'm trying to show you on a deeper level the effect prayer has had in my life.
There have been times when I've spoken quickly and quietly to God before a test, praying that
my hard work will pay off and I will pass. There have been other times where I've laid in bed at night
talking vehemently to God over some great miracle I wanted Him to perform. And...there have been
times when I've talked to God.
See I love the way Louie Giglio said it. (By the way if you haven't heard him speak, you
absolutely must go to YouTube and type him in. Listen to his “How Great is our God” or “Indescribable”
Anyways, I love, love, love how he said it: “Until this point most of my praying had been asking
God, advising God, beseeching God...The God who spoke and created the sun which burns 10 million
degrees at its surface...”
Think about that. I realize that's what most of my praying had been too...honestly still is and I
work really, really hard to make it different.
That part that Louie said really got me. God spoke and out of His mouth came the sun traveling
at the speed of light burning over 10 million degrees! That's the God I've been 'advising' what to do
with my life.
No. Just no. Definitely one hundred percent what I SHOULD NOT be doing. Actually thinking
about it now, it just makes me feel really really dumb.
We should seek God with a humble heart and pray remembering who God is. He isn't small. He
is mighty and powerful. Sometimes we just needed reminded of it.
I know I do.
We are often told that we have to pray and listen patiently for God's still small voice to speak to
us. I don't know about you guys, but I often have trouble hearing someone when they're quiet. On one
occasion I asked God if He could just scream at me, and He did.
The story:
I had just started working my job on my college campus. It was a Saturday and there was a new
guy that began the shift. We talked and hit if off. However as I was walking back to my dorm had a
strange feeling that we just weren't meant to be. I told my best friend and she shook it off.
“He's a senior!” I protested. “Surely he has a girlfriend!”
“No, girl. He's a dancer. He wouldn't have time for a girlfriend.”
And so went her assurance for the next couple of days.
I was laying in bed the night before I had to go back to work and I remember praying, “God,
please, I can't take this not knowing anymore. I don't know if this is a boy you want me to be with or
not, but if it isn't please tell me. Scream at me if you have to, because we both know I need screaming
at sometimes, but please just tell me.”
Sure enough I go to work the next day and the first thing the guy begins talking about is his
girlfriend and what he wants to do for her for Valentine's day.
I almost started laughing right then. God certainly had screamed at me!
Some people may think that praying about something like that is trivial, but really God wants us
to pray about everything. He wants us to treat Him like we would our bestie.
That's what I want to challenge you to do. But don't worry, I'm also challenging myself. Its hard
for me to just sit down and stare into empty space and talk.
Let's try to share our everything with God. He made us. He is our heavenly Father, and He
wants to develop a relationship with us. But we have to invite Him in and allow Him to take that place
in our lives.
Remember James 5:16, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so
that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”
The gift of prayer is the greatest thing we can give....and the greatest we can receive.


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