Friday, August 22, 2014

Dazzled by God - by Sarah K.

Dazzled by God
by Sarah K.

“He did not study God; he was dazzled by him.” (Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.)  At school this year, I am required to read the very thick book of “Les Miserables.” This quote stands out, because of the depth in its simplicity.  Are we as Christians content to sit back Sunday morning and “study” God? Are you able to argue convincingly any point of theology, yet are ignorant when it comes to a relationship? Have you memorized so many verses your head is chock full of them, but when it comes to application, you’re clueless? Are you only willing to attentively listen to a sermon, but not get out there and live your life for the Lord?
                                   We’ve all been studiers of God at one point in our walk with Him.
When this happens, we need to be dazzled by God again. What does “dazzle” mean? According to the dictionary, to be dazzled is to 1. To be overpowered by light and 2. To impress deeply; to astonish with delight. What do I mean by again?  Well, when you first accepted Christ into your heart – or He came rushing in when you were least expecting it – you experience an indescribably amazing feeling like nothing else in the world. It’s the feeling of realizing you’re saved: unconditionally, freely, and for all time. It’s the feeling of realizing what Love is for the very first time. You’re absolutely dazzled by God.  Over time, especially when life gets tough, and trials rear their ugly heads, that feeling fades.
                                                                           Remember it!!
Look around. Be dazzled by His gorgeous creation: purple and pink sunsets, the pattering of rain, the sound of wind in the trees, the flight of birds across the sky, golden sunshine on grass, constellations splashed silver against a night sky. Read His Word. Be dazzled by His faithfulness, His unconditional love, His sacrifice, His power, His mightiness, His beauty, His acceptance. Pray to Him. Be dazzled by the incredible and unexpected ways in which He answers, the unlooked for daily blessings, the grace to go on when you think you can’t, the way He’s always, always, always there.
                                                                           Let Him dazzle you.
Stop being a passive observer of God. Beg God to open your eyes and heart so that you are dazzled by who He Is. And when you are, you only fall more in love with the one who so completely and utterly dazzles you.


Sarah Phillips said...

I love this, Sarah! You wrote it well! I know I need to be dazzled by God more often. :)

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