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Mother's Day - By McKayla R.

Mother's Day 

By McKayla R. 

There are so many amazing stories featured in the Bible about mothers: Sarah (Issac’s mother), Bathsheba (Solomon), Jochebed (Moses’ birth mom), Mary the mother of Jesus - the list could go on, and on, and on. There is one thing that all these mothers have in common, though; they all trusted God.

            My favorite mother from the Bible is Hannah, the mother of Samuel. Her story is found in 1 Samuel 1: 1-25 which is summarized here:

        There was a man named Elkanah who had two wives: Peninnah and Hannah. Peninnah had roughly 10 children while Hannah was considered barren, or not able to conceive. Every year, Elkanah would take his wives and kids down to Shiloh where they would worship and sacrifice to God. For food, he would give Peninnah and her children each one piece of meat, but because he favored Hannah more he’d give her double the portion.
          Now Peninnah did not like this. She got so jealous, that every year when Elkanah would do this, she would antagonize Hannah and make her feel guilty about not having children. As a result, Hannah would become depressed and refuse to eat.
One year, after Peninnah got tired of making fun of Hannah, Hannah went into the sanctuary to cry. Eli, the priest there, heard her yell “God, if You give me a son, I’ll give him completely back to You!” She then continued to pray and cry silently. Eli, assuming she was drunk, hollered to her “Sober up, woman!”
           Hannah, starled, explained to Eli her situation. She told him all about being barren, about  Peninnah, and her wish to have a child. Eli then said to her “Go in peace. And may the god of Israel give you what you have asked.”
After they got home from Shiloh, Hannah and Elkanah slept together and God made her pregnant to a son that would be named Samuel.
Once Samuel was about three years old (my Bible says “weaned”), Hannah went with Elkanah, Peninnah, and all of the children back to Shiloh for their yearly trip. Sacrificing a bull, Hannah brought Samuel to Eli to be dedicated to God for the rest of his life. Samuel grew up, literally, in the church; learning under Eli and his two sons.”

I admire Hannah because of her story. She had so much patience and trust in God, that it’s unimaginable. She could have raised Samuel to follow God from her own home, but instead she gave him to the church and only saw him once a year. Samuel then later went on to become a priest and a prophet.

I would encourage every young woman who reads this to appreciate your mothers. I know how “dumb” parents can be, especially once you get to be a teenager; however they know what they are doing. Every time I have messed up in my life, it has been because I didn't listen to my mom. I pray that everyone has an amazing Mother’s Day and that you all show your mom how grateful you are for her!


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