Friday, February 21, 2014

What bullying, abortion, and racism have in common, By Gabby M.

What bullying, abortion, and racism have in common. 

By Gabby M.

I just have something to say, if you have time to read....
Bullying and abortion and racism all have something in common. They all don't value life.
With bullies, they beat other kids down physically and mentally until every day is a nightmare for the victim.
With abortion, they say its okay to kill children if you don't want them.
And with racism, they say its okay to make fun of, hate, and even in some cases kill other people just because they're a different color and come from a different culture.
I'm not calling anyone out, I'm just observing how messed up society is. All these stories on the news about Trayvon Martin, and at what point in a pregnancy should we consider it an actual life, and kids as young as 11 killing themselves because other kids are beating them up everyday and telling them that they should die. I am just sick of it. People keep asking why this is happening. I'll tell you why, because a lot of people do not recognize the value of life. And we pick apart every issue and scrutinize it like it's so complex, when all people need is to learn how to respect themselves and other people!
But we will never learn to respect other people until we realize that we're no better than anyone else; God created us equal. It doesn't matter if you're short, tall, black, white, young, old, skinny, thick, if you have autism, or dyslexia, or PTSD, or an addiction, or missing limbs. You are still valuable because God made you. We're all humans and we all need to just help each other out and quit being so hard on each other.
Another issue is a lot of people think that the awful things others have said to them are true, or that everyone owes them, especially the ones who have hurt them. Sometimes both. Face it, people will always let you down. Not forgiving someone only hurts you, and I know this from experience. Its like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick. It doesn't work. I still have things I need to go back and make right, because I know that whenever I have messed up, I wanted forgiveness, too, and have been very grateful when I got that forgiveness. I owe it to God to forgive others because he forgave me when I absolutely did not deserve it. At all.
That doesn't mean you have to tolerate mistreatment or let people run you over or go to your ex's house crying at their doorstep. But if that bitterness you're holding towards someone is eating you up inside, you have got to let it go. No matter how big the offense, you eventually will have to move on.
It's not an easy thing for sure. It's not just like "Oh, okay, well I forgive them," and you're good. A lot of those things hurt bad. You have to trust God to do what needs to be done in you, no matter how long it takes. He knows every detail of the situation and will help if you ask.
 Basically, stop judging, hurting, and hating each other because of appearance, culture, or personality differences. What good does that do? None. Chasing perfection only leads to more imperfection and destruction.

 Editor's note: Gabby's thoughts here remind me (Hillary Beth) of Proverbs 18:31 - "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit."


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