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The Love of God! Pt. 2, By Kaylee S.

The Love of God!  Pt. 2

By Kaylee S.
I am obsessed with Jesus!  He is life!  He is my reason for being!  He is my everything.  He is my love and He lets me cry on His shoulder almost every day.  He is my happiness and I laugh a lot at all the funny things that happen in my life.  He is my peace and helps me remember Him when bad things happen to me.  He is my Joy and makes me happy when I am sad.
So when I studied about Jesus crucifixion I was very very sad, but I am so thankful for what He did for me.  He died for me!!!  Well actually, Jesus let men kill Him for me, and for everyone in the world.  And His death was the most scary death I ever read about.
I really don't know why Jesus suffered so much when He died.  I mean couldn't the Romans just put Jesus to death very quickly?  I think they could have, but I don't know why they didn't.
Ladies, I have to say, that what I'm writing about is very scary and so sad, I cried when I was reading it and still cry about it.  But Jesus did this terrible thing for you and for me.  The love of God... what a marvelous and wonderful thing He did for us, but for Jesus, it was so very painful.
This is about Jesus’ death.
When I think about this first thing, I am just so bewildered how a person could let anyone do this stuff to them.  Jesus knew what was going to happen to Him! 
He knew exactly what was going to happen so when He went to the Garden of Gethsemane and He was praying to His Father in heaven, He was sweating blood!  That is so gross!  I can't imagine somebody doing that but that's what happened.  That's where the soldiers arrested Jesus.
But I looked at pictures of the garden of Gethsemane and it is so beautiful!  There are lots of beautiful flowers there.  So pretty for something that was so ugly it made me think of the love and hate that was there that night.
Luke 22:44  And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly; and his sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground.
Then I was thinking if I would do what Jesus did.  He knew the terrible death He was going to suffer, and He still did it... because of our sins!  Oh the beautiful love of God just amazes me!!!  So they took Jesus away and He was led around the city to see the chief priests.  With Jesus walking from here to there they think He walked about 2 and a half miles.  That is a really far ways to walk! 
So when Jesus was waiting to be put to death, there were soldiers there that were beating Him.  And they beat Him up so much He was bleeding because of them punching Him in the mouth and the nose.
Then they put a crown of thorns and His head and beat Him up some more.  I was thinking when I read this how many times I pricked myself with a needle when I was sewing something.  It really hurt!  But being pricked by a bunch of thorns ripping through His skin had to be extremely painful.
Then they made Jesus carry His cross.  And He carried it about one third of a mile, that's 1,760 feet.  His cross was in 2 pieces, the horizontal part and the vertical part.  The horizontal piece of wood weighed about 120 pounds.  They don't know how much the vertical piece of wood weighed but it was a lot, which is why Jesus fell one time.  He was so tired that He couldn't carry the cross anymore so the soldiers got someone else to carry it.
Then they came to the place where Jesus was going to be crucified.  Ladies I have to tell you that this part is so very ugly!  It is extremely violent so please check with your mom and dad to see if they'll let you read this.
First they stripped Jesus COMPLETELY!  I know we all seen a lot of pictures of Jesus crucifixion but I never knew that they did this.  Then they used a whip that was called a cat-o-nine tails.  It's a stick with 9 pieces of leather on it.  And they put little pieces of clay from pots at the end of the leather straps, then they whipped Jesus.  The cuts that the clay made were about 2 inches long.  They whipped Him 39 times because that's how many times they whipped all the prisoners.  Whipped with 9 pieces of leather with clay at the ends of them, 39 times... and each cut being about 2 inches long.  Jesus back was so torn up that the clay started hitting His bones.  After they did this they beat Jesus up some more.
The reason they beat him up a lot is because the soldiers didn't want people to live a long time when they were crucified.  That was their way of being merciful.  That is just so ugly and disgusting! 
Then they placed Jesus on the cross and pounded the nails into His wrists, not His hands.  If they put the nails in Jesus hands they would have ripped out because of how much He weighed.  That's why sometimes they used rope and tied the peoples' arms to the cross.
Then they pounded nails into Jesus feet!  After Jesus was nailed to the cross He would try to lift Himself up a little bit so He could breathe.  Because being crucified like that it was hard to breathe so He would lift Himself up a lot of times so He could take a breath.  So from the time he died on the cross until the time Jesus arose was about 36 hours. Doctors today say that Jesus died of suffocation. 
This next part just really bothers me so much.  After Jesus died, a soldier took his sword a stabbed Jesus in the side.  I'm pretty sure the soldier stabbed Jesus in the side to see if he had already died or not, and to fulfill certain prophecies (that his bones were not broken, as they had broken the others' legs to ensure a quicker death so they could no longer pull up to breathe).  The place where the soldier stabbed Jesus was in His side.  I don't know why I thought of this but, that's where God took the rib from Adam to create Eve.  I thought since Eve was the mother of all creation maybe that was the solder's way of killing every human being who loves Jesus!  
This whole thing is just so ugly and disgusting, but Jesus let this happen so that we could be forgiven.  Ladies Jesus did this for me… and for you!  I just can't imagine anyone letting people do this to them, but Jesus did, so that we could have eternal life!  When I was writing this I just started crying because I knew that this really happened.
I praise God so much!  Jesus love for us is so... unimaginable, so intense, so extreme!  Jesus loves us so much He let all these men do this to Him... so we could spend eternity with Him... forever and ever!  Such love totally amazes me, and I want that love so much!!!  Don't you?


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