Friday, April 29, 2016

The Fig Tree by Perelade

The fig tree.
Hey people, my name is Pere. I'm a Nigerian. I'm very glad to be doing this. I've always wanted to be a part of something big. Something good. And so when my sister told me about this, there was no way I could pass this up. I'm happy to be amongst Christian girls who genuinely love God and encourage each other.
So my first article is about the fig tree. We all know the story. The one in Mathew 21:18-19. On that fateful day, Jesus was on his way to a city. He was hungry as well, probably from all the stress from last night. So he saw a fig tree, he went up to it, but found nothing on it, except leaves. The Bible tells us that Jesus said to the tree "may you never bear fruit again". And immediately, the tree withered. It was just a few days ago that I knew that a fig tree is a Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit. Jesus surely knew that tree was no ordinary tree. He knew it was a fig tree, but sadly, it didn't live up to its potential. Nobody knows why the fig tree didn't produce. It could be because of insufficient nutrients or bad roots. Maybe it wasn't even watered properly. Whatever the case, the bottom line was that it didn't live up to expectation.
We're all fig trees. But we shouldn't be withered fig trees. We're all beautiful girls with something in us that is edible and sweet. We have great potential. There would definitely be liars who would try to lie to us. They'll tell us that we aren't good enough. They'll tell us that we aren't beautiful enough. They'll make us feel strange. They'll make us look uncool. But don't listen to them, sister! Someday, Jesus is going to walk up to you. And when he comes, you'll be able to deliver your potential.


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