Friday, February 26, 2016

Being a Good Sibling

Being a Good Sibling

By Adebisi A.
Being a sibling is one of the sweetest feelings in the world. But sometimes, it may seem so annoying. I can attest to this, with four younger brothers. I get freaked out almost all the time. But God has a purpose for making you a sibling. Our perfect example, Jesus had siblings and many other Bible characters like Peter, Jacob, and many others.
Do you shout and scream at your siblings? I do,but I calm myself down after a few minutes.You can't be mad at them always or you'll just waste the time you guys have together. Besides, do you instruct your siblings on the right things or not? What about your actions? No matter their age, they learn something from you, is it good or bad? Actions do speak louder than words.
Be a better sibling, spend more time with them because you won't be together forever and make use of that 
time well. 
Rate yourself, how good a sibling you are and ask God to make you a better one.


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