Friday, January 29, 2016

Where to Read...

 Where to Read... 

By Kylie


I was looking through my Bible the other day wondering what to read. Should i go through the book of John again? No. Oh! How about trying to finish Jeremiah this time? (15 min later…) I don’t think this is what God wants me to read right now… I feel like this is what many of us go through while we are trying to read our Bibles. Maybe you don’t like to read your bible,  or you don’t really even know where to start. Whatever you’re reasoning is, admit it, we all sometimes procrastinate when it comes to reading our Bibles at some point in our lives. It doesn’t have to be that way though! Reading your Bible can be fun! There are actually a lot of stories about people in the Bible who were teenagers just like you! For instance Leah, she battled depression and insincerity because she didn’t feel like she measured up to anyone. Sadly how many teens feel today.She is the girl who has a crush on a boy but he wants someone else. Rachel was the girl everyone wanted, she can be recognized as your school or youth groups “it” girl. She battled with pride her entire life witch was not in her favor. David was a young teen who was always overlooked and considered too young to make an impact on the world. Since he decided to follow God whole heartily and not look back, he proved everyone wrong and is one of the most famous people in the Bible. Miriam’s quick thinking saved her brother’s life and a whole nation. She is the girl who never freezes in an emergency. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers yet choose to forgive them. He would be the boy outcast ed by his friends at your school. So do you see how many teens are in the Bible? Most of them with life changing stories that we can compare to some of today’s teenagers. that’s not all though, the more we read our Bibles the more we can learn about God and how to fight the enemy. You see the enemy doesn’t want you to read your Bible, Oh no…he would much rather you catch up on your favorite TV show. The reason he likes to distract us is because he knows we can use it as a weapon. The Bible is one of the #1 ways to fight the enemy. The more you read your Bible the closer you are to God and we both know Satan cant have that. Are you ready now? Have you finally realized why it is so important to read the Bible? It stands for Biblical Instructions Before Leaving Earth. B-I-B-L-E. So why would Satan want you to read it!?!?!? The Bible is your guild to surviving this place! A ticket to a better night sleep as sleep train would say! This is how you can make an impact on people’s lives! By reading your Bible you may memorize a verse that your friend Kara could really use today. That verse may have changed her whole day! By reading your Bible you can strengthen your relationship with the Lord. By reading your Bible you can fight the enemy. By reading your Bible you can share the good news. This is why you should read your Bible. Do you understand now? How important it is? If not I challenge you. I challenge you to read your Bible for two weeks straight. At least one chapter a day, it will take you five minutes.  If you accept…you not be able to stop:)…If you have trouble finding places to read, start with the teens of the Bible I listed earlier.
Leah and Rachel- Genesis 29:1-30
David- 1 and 2 Samuel
Miriam- Numbers 12
Joseph- Genesis 37
These are good places to start.:) Let’s all make a point to STOP procrastinating and START reading our Bibles.  Comment below if you are taking the challenge!:) Has it changed you yet? Tell me what you think! Are you going to stand up and start reading?
Kylie is the creator of CCG! She loves being outside, eating ice cream, and sharing the love of Christ with teen girls! If you have any questions or just want to email her at! She would love to hear from you!


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