Friday, June 12, 2015

Seeking Solitude

Seeking Solitude

By Samantha W.

Have you ever thought about what it was like a hundred years ago, when people had to wash their clothes by hand and bake their own bread? Places that would take us two hours to get to, took a whole day for them to travel.

Almost any convenience you can think of was nonexistent. Yet the Christians of the day found ways to spend time with their Lord amongst the business of their lives. It might have been early in the morning before the sun rose or late at night when the work was done. Maybe they talked with Him out in the fields or over a simmering pot. They listened for his voice while mending a shirt or hitching up horses to a wagon. In the silence and solitude of their activities, they had the opportunity to reflect.

Maybe that’s why some people refer to the past as simpler times. ‘Cause nowadays we have a constant stream of distractions, all vying for our attention.
Technology means we can spend a whole day with our noses stuck in a computer screen or ears plugged into headphones.

And for me, those snippets of space in-between, where I snatch a few minutes to read the Bible, feel rushed. Forget the luxury of sitting there and reflecting on what God has to say. I have a million things to do and only so much time.

But those quiet moments of solitude not only benefit our spiritual growth, but also give us a chance to refuel. Otherwise, we start running on fumes.

Take a look at Luke 5:16,

"But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed." NIV

If the Son of God found it necessary to slip away from the crowds, how much more so do we need it!

When’s the last time you unplugged your devices, sought solitude and just spent time listening for God’s direction?


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