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By Haley B.

The day was here. It would be the day of whether I found out if I continued to live on campus at my college or move back home. I’m in my junior year of college and have never known anything about living at home while going to college and how to cope with it. I’ve only lived on campus during the school year. So while in nursing school, jumping into a new environment isn’t something one wants to do. I had found some good roommates after I had countless people let me down, minus my freshman roommate. I was excited about moving in to school with my new roommates this year. My roommate and I had classes previously and we were friends but have grown even closer through living with each other this year. But the day had come where I would find out what my fate was.

So to start off, I’ll take you back to a week ago. Housing applications were coming up and deadlines were approaching to keep your same place or to move somewhere else or any other decision you wanted to make. I thought my roommate would have come and talk to me about this by now considering I’m very forgetful with remembering things like this. But she didn’t. I finally brought it up this specific week. I actually brought it up in front of my suite mate as well since she would be back next year too. I got the answer that every person hates to here. It goes something like this, more or less: “We left you out. We didn’t even think about you or your plans so we went with our own.” Basically, I was left without a roommate since my roommate and my suite mate wanted single rooms. For one, no one even asked me what my plans were. If they had, I would’ve presented problem number two: I can’t afford it. A single room is $1,000 more than a double room. I’m already paying extra for nursing classes and I don’t have any loans. I’m very blessed, nonetheless, but I just can’t afford anything extra.

So I got the bad news. I just hoped for the best and that they wouldn’t be able to get a single room since I had a friend who said it would be impossible for them to get one because of how limited they were. I know that sounds bad but who wants to change their environment in such a difficult major that could ruin their study habits? Not me. And besides, I liked my roommates. I wanted to stay with them. But as always, The Lord had other plans.
So it was the day for them to sign up for a single room. And they got one. I wasted an hour longer at school, waiting for them, just in case we needed to go back to housing to see if we needed to sign up for our same place. But no. I wasted time and money. I put in a housing application that has a fee, which isn’t refundable.

You can imagine how I felt. I was heartbroken. So upset. So betrayed. These events happened to me in high school but never did I think they would happen to me in college. I felt so hurt. I couldn’t believe that someone I thought was my best friend didn’t really care about me or my plans for next year. I had never felt so betrayed by someone thought was a true friend.

Driving to my fiancĂ©’s house on the same day, Jesus spoke to me. Not only did He tell me to write this article but He reminded me of the betrayal, heartbreak, and sadness He went through in His life here on Earth. He reminded me of the people who hated Him and didn’t follow Him to begin with, the people who betrayed Him, the people who denied Him, and even the ones who persecuted Him.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all speak of Judas’ betrayal to Jesus. Judas was one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. He was one of Jesus’ followers. He was Jesus’ friend. Jesus held these 12 very close to Him. They were His best friends. Yet, we read this story and think about how stupid Judas was for betraying Jesus. Judas was overcome by greed. If you’ve read the story, you already know the end.
Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, and John 13 all tell of Judas’ betrayal toward Jesus. 4 books in the Bible speak of Judas’ betrayal. I’d say that’s pretty important. We feel so betrayed by our friends sometimes that we forget how bad Jesus had it. To be betrayed for your life is something we never have to experience.

In these same books and same chapters, just a little farther down, these accounts of Jesus’ death tell us that not only was He betrayed but that He was going to be denied 3 times by another disciple: Peter. Peter was the kind of friend who you think would never hurt you. They were there for you through the hard times and the good times. This friend had a lot to do with helping you through rough times to become a better person. Peter was this. Yet, Jesus predicts, and proves, that Peter denies him 3 times before a rooster crows. WOW. And we thought WE had it bad. No one denies us. I’ve never had an experience where someone denied my existence, at least to my knowledge.

Now, what does this all have to do with Easter?
Well, Jesus experience betrayal and heartbreak like we did and still do today. He still experiences it as well because we hurt Him every day by doing things He doesn’t like. But if He can overcome this betrayal and heartbreak from His best friends, can’t we overcome it too? I mean, He didn’t JUST overcome this hurt from His best friends. He overcame DEATH and the GRAVE. Matthew 27 & 28, Mark 15 & 16, Luke 23 & 24, and John 19 & 20 tells us how Jesus died and tells us about Him overcoming death. Everyone was against Him, yet He still died for us. He still forgave us and the people who betrayed Him. He still died for them. He still gave them hope.

Isn’t it wonderful when all of our life stories lead us back to the cross, like this? It truly reminds us of the Easter season that’s upon us and how, even though we’re hurt, Jesus overcame it, death, and the grave. It gives us the hope to continue on and to overcome our hurt. It gives us the greatest opportunity of all. These experiences point us toward Jesus and His greatness and His gift of hope, grace, love, and forgiveness that is for everyone.


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