Monday, September 14, 2020

Resources for Bible Study

 Ever since the beginning of GGFG, we have gotten emails about starting or getting back into the habit of reading the Word daily - and what a struggle that is.

Here are some great resources for you that don't cost a thing - except for your time and willingness to try them!

1. has study tools - and quite a few are free to access!

2. and  feature a different name of God every day! 

3. is another Bible app with study tools!

4. There are apps for organizing prayer points ( and simple reminders to pray you can set up on any device!

5. Check out different aids for memorizing Scripture!

The first larger portion I ever memorized I had no coaching on at all regarding Scripture memorization - I just wanted to memorize a chapter of God's Word. I knew the middle part of it from a song, and I just felt like it would be wonderful to memorize the entire thing! I sat and read it over and over and started writing it out so I could double-check myself.


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