Monday, September 14, 2020

Resources for Bible Study

 Ever since the beginning of GGFG, we have gotten emails about starting or getting back into the habit of reading the Word daily - and what a struggle that is.

Here are some great resources for you that don't cost a thing - except for your time and willingness to try them!

1. has study tools - and quite a few are free to access!

2. and  feature a different name of God every day! 

3. is another Bible app with study tools!

4. There are apps for organizing prayer points ( and simple reminders to pray you can set up on any device!

5. Check out different aids for memorizing Scripture!

The first larger portion I ever memorized I had no coaching on at all regarding Scripture memorization - I just wanted to memorize a chapter of God's Word. I knew the middle part of it from a song, and I just felt like it would be wonderful to memorize the entire thing! I sat and read it over and over and started writing it out so I could double-check myself.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Simple Faith Bible, NRSV

Hi girls!

I'm reviewing another Bible. Why? Because I love trying to get you all excited about picking up a Bible and reading it! As a member of Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, I received this Bible recently in the mail for free. It's got a cover that makes it a good gift for girls/boys/women/men - nothing too geared toward one specific group of people. It's not bright pink, basically.

 For those who don't know off the top of their heads, Jimmy Carter was the 39th president of the United States, taking office in 1977 and leaving in 1981. That's certainly before my time - and if you're a GGFG teen, maybe even before your parents were born at this point!

As for the Nobel Peace Prize, that's a really big deal. The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the five Nobel Prizes that exist (you may have heard of the others being for Chemistry, Physics,  Physiology or Medicine, and Literatur). They were established by the will of Swedish industrialist, inventor, and armaments manufacturer Alfred Nobel in 1895 and the first award was given in 1901. You can read which Presidents and VP's have gotten one in the past, here:

Some of the inserts, to give you an idea, are shorter quotes to make you think:

And then other inserts go a little deeper and will take you a little longer to go through, covering a small section of Scripture:

I know that fonts usually don't bother me; I wrote in outlandish fonts all the time when we started GGFG as teens. But before I even noticed the claims on the cover about it being easy to read and a special font, I did notice it looked much different than some of the other Bibles I've opened recently and thought how I'd need to have pretty good lighting to read such small, tight font. That doesn't make you want to keep reading exactly. Anyhow, this font was very appealing, clean, and the claims were true about it being easy to read. It looks bigger than other 9.5 fonts.

If you're looking for a new Bible to keep you excited about reading God's Word on a daily basis, check out this one, or one of the many others available, at !



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